Great meeting at Casa Flamboyant

Eddie & Tisha of Casa Sol in Old San Juan, Bill & Renée of Rainforest Inn in El Yunque, Margie of Casa Isabel in Condado, Asdrubal & Iones of Hacienda Iones in Florida plus our amazing hosts Ricky & Florin of Casa Flamboyant -- we were all together discussing our Puerto Rico Bed and Breakfast Association. 



After we were served a magnificent lunch we sat down and covered:  

1. Ways to offer our customers better service. Different cool ideas for little perks we can add like local Puerto Rico chocolate on the pillow or piña colada welcome drinks.

2. Features of the SelectRegistry (an international website of Boutique Inns) that we can emulate from their website and incorporate in our Association website.   How our members are "Boutique Bed and Breakfasts" that offer more because we live on the property, act as concierge and serve a "sit-down" full home-cooked breakfast with gourmet touches.  

3. How to offer "elopement" small wedding ceremonies and describe features like that on our websites. And speaking of websites we all agreed that our individual websites are the most important marketing tool we have. 

4. We discussed the Puerto Rico B&B tour our association offers. Visitors booking our tour can stay in Old San Juan, out on the north west coast in Florida, in the El Yunque rainforest, near a river in Rio Grande. And all of our places offer different incredible activities which we are going to describe on the Association website so that guests can easily see what a myriad of possibilities the Puerto Rico B&B tour brings!

5. We strategized what to do to maintain our competitiveness in today’s sharing internet based market, what makes us different, the truth behind our offerings, that the real local experience is to stay with locals, learn from them, explore their surroundings and daily activities, savor the local foods, learn their culture and live the history. This and more is what a truly vested and certified Bed and Breakfast can offer to it's visitors. 

We also talked about marketing opportunities and the importance of staying active within the association. And the importance of pricing our rooms to match our "high end" market.


Watching promotional videos about our different bed and breakfasts  

After a round-table of productive discussions we showed our different advertising videos about our properties. Also Eddie showed a video of one of the weddings Casa Sol hosted as well as a couple of videos of guests who took advantage of our bed and breakfast tour and described their happy experience. 

Welcoming New Members Over Dinner at the Rainforest Inn

PRB&BA members enjoying Renée's dinner at the Rainforest Inn

The main purpose of our second PRB&BA meeting was to welcome our newest potential members; Lisa Masters of Tres Sirenas Beach Inn in Rincón and Casa Flamboyant bed & breakfast in Naguabo. As our membership grows, it may seem like we went around Puerto Rico and purposely picked the best bed & breakfasts on the island to welcome into our association...but we did no such thing! Perhaps the PRB&BA attracts top tier bed & breakfasts on its own. Once we welcomed our new members, we commenced the meeting, as recounted by Eddie Ramirez of Casa Sol Bed & Breakfast...

* * *

In the rainforest, the sun was setting and the rain was falling hard on a cool summer afternoon. A group of innkeepers met at the Rainforest Inn, and the newly-organized association appeared to be taking shape. There was sharing of ideas, best practices and, most important of all, support for each other. We are working on social media strategies, marketing and promotional packages to enhance bed & breakfasts all over Puerto Rico. The main idea is to create a very strong brand with very strict entrance guidelines and requirements. Packages will include 6-10 day tours of Puerto Rico with lodging in bed & breakfasts in Old San Juan, Condado, El Yunque, Naguabo, Isabela, San Sebastián and Rincón to enjoy the local flare, experience the culture, learn local history and taste our exquisite food. We want to create experiences to last a lifetime, those that are hard to match and especially those that you can only find in Puerto Rico.

* * *

After the meeting, we were served Renée's wonderful dinner featuring grilled salmon, a vegan "meat" loaf (which was devoured in no time by everyone including the meat-eaters!), feta-sprinkled asparagus, apple-cherry kale salad and roasted red peppers. Chocolate cake with berries was a sweet ending to the night.





The commencement of PR B&B Asoc. — getting to know each other and getting down to business.


The first Puerto Rico Bed & Breakfast Association meeting was held today in Casa Sol, the lovely bed & breakfast home of Eddie Ramirez and “Tisha” Margarita Pastor located in El Viejo San Juan. Their bed & breakfast is a restored colonial building that was possibly the residence of Spanish soldiers who once guarded Old San Juan. Eddie and Tisha gave us a tour highlighting all the improvements they made in the building—often with locally-sourced materials—and their solar panel installation that makes their property nearly carbon neutral.

The dining room of Casa Sol 

The dining room of Casa Sol 

The hosts delighted us with their house specialty: French toast made with homemade artisan bread and topped with their guava syrup.  Eddie explained why he wanted to create a bed & breakfast association in Puerto Rico; of course, he said, we will have more bargaining power in numbers and be able to accomplish more together such as the economic breaks large hotels are already getting.

During the meeting, we had the opportunity to meet other owners of bed & breakfasts in Puerto Rico which have also been endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. We met Natalia and her daughter, Elena, the owners of Casa Castellana in the well-known tourist district of El Condado. Natalia and Elena were very warm and welcoming, and described their bed & breakfast as a Spanish colonial house. They both offered a great deal of experience in the business and many innovative ideas. Jose Miguel and Edwin described their bed & breakfast, Casa Isabel, as a place that offers its visitors a peaceful and quiet home that was meticulously designed so that guests can relax and enjoy their time in Puerto Rico. Casa Isabel is located next to Ocean Park Beach and El Condado. Bill and Renée, the owners of The Rainforest Inn, introduced their bed & breakfast in a way that evoked relaxation and tranquility. Located within the El Yunque rainforest—the only subtropical rainforest in the U.S.—The Rainforest Inn is an elegantly renovated property enveloped by the forest, therefore offering guests an intimate experience with the rainforest (such as a private hike that summits a waterfall). Yaiza and Edwin, the owners of San Sebastián Bed and Breakfast, are a young couple that opened the first bed & breakfast in the northwest region of the island. Their intimate property preserves the antiquity and cultural richness of the historic center of San Sebastián.

PRB&BA members (from left): Eddie, Tisha, Yaiza, Edwin, Renée, Bill, Natalia, Edwin, Jose Miguel

After introductions, the bed & breakfast owners presented various ideas, and all agreed with Eddie's idea of officially creating the bed & breakfast association (which this website foreshadows) as well as guest reservation packages that would include each of the bed & breakfasts. The owners shared their knowledge and experience with topics that create concern among visitors and locals alike, such as the Zika virus and the introduction of Uber in Puerto Rico. A discussion about the integration of new bed & breakfasts into the association followed. It was decided at this meeting that prospective bed & breakfast owners must be members of the Puerto Rico Hotel Association, become certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Department and manage true bed & breakfasts; the owners live on the property (with less than seven rooms), act as concierges with their local knowledge and serve breakfast to guests every morning.

The meeting concluded with Eddie Ramirez explaining some of the benefits that our new Puerto Rico Bed & Breakfast Association provides its members. Our group bargaining power will earn us some of the “perks” that larger hotels already have. First, Eddie said he would establish a committee for our bed & breakfast category at the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, mainly because their “small hotel” category makes no sense for bed & breakfasts; what B&Bs offer is unique and not remotely the same as a “small” hotel of sixty rooms. Eddie also explained that he would get the IVU filing regulations amended so that we also share the filing exemptions that large hotels experience for their off-island purchases.

Our next meeting will be held in the last week in July at the Rainforest Inn, where we hope to make even more progress as well as welcome new members to the association. Sustainability ideas that were presented at Casa Sol will also be further expanded at that meeting.